Global Alchemy of Experts

Creating Alchemy for Professional Services firms across the world.

What is GAofE?

How does it help you grow your business?

Global Alchemy of Experts is an organization who's mission is to help independant consulting organizations grow to the next level of business.

GAofE can help you improve your brand, aquire new customers, increase your effeciency, and teach you industry best pracices. Best of all, you will connect with others along a similar path.

Unleash your organization's potential, learn new techniques, connect with others, grow.

  • Deeper Skills and knowledge base
  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Connect with peers
  • Implement Best Practices
  • Leverage

SERVICES That help you to learn and grow your organization.

How do you best process information? From one-on-one mentoring, to peer-group gatherings, and expert panels, this is the place to come to if you want to get your organization to the next level.

Benefit from the Alchemy

Creating extraordinary value thru partnerships, aliances, and unique connections.

  • Get more customers for your existing services.
  • Provide additional services.
  • Cross sell your services,

Connect with your peers

Leverage the time and efforts of industry experts and your own peers .

  • Connect with peers and be encouraged,
  • Connect with peers and solve real problems.
  • Get opinions and examples,
  • Learn from others,

7-Steps to Operational Excellence

Leverage our 7-Step process to operational excellence.

  • Automated app to guide you thru the process,
  • Compare your organization to others in your space along the 7 axes,
  • Learn from focussed case studies,
  • Learn from a library of video intervies with experts in your field.

Business Monitoring Services

Leverage known-good KPIs and let us help you manage and track them.

  • Leverage our proven KPIs to improve your organization's effeciency,
  • Leverage out proven KPIs tool to simplify your works,
  • Benchmark your KPIs agains other organizations in your space.

Customized support from experts

Get a leg up and get your organization to the next level with the one-time or ongoing support from experts.

  • One-time support for solving critical issues,
  • Ongoing support / coaching from world leaders.
  • Learn from others,

Focus on

Businesses require expertise on all fronts. Leverage world-class expertise to help your organization grow.


From mission to vision, taking a customer focussed "Why?" into the real worl of tactical implementation.


Inspiring and incluisive processes from X-suite to shop-floor.


Clear messages, accelerating pipeline flows and high value sales closures.


Maximum productivity, effective systems and world-leading quality delivered.


Delighting customers and motivating the teams.


Power KPI's and cash flow systems etc. to ensure profit and growth.


From Self-Help to 1:1 Coaching

Learn from a community of your peers.
  • Exclusive forums
  • Cross sell your services
  • Cross sell other's services
  • Get encouragement and advice from peers
  • See what others are doing
Online Resources

Everyone has their own preffered way to learn... GAofE offers:

  • Recommended Video Series,
  • Full archive of on-topic webinars,
  • Case Studies
  • PDF resources
Expert Resources

Expert resources are an invaluable asset to same time and money.

  • Expert Bench
  • In-house Experts
  • One-time issue resolution
  • Ongoing coaching

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