Consulting Growth Solutions

Tools and information to help survive, prosper and GROW your consulting firm, even in challenging economic times.

Operating, growing and selling world class consulting businesses.


1. Operations excellence for consulting firms to delight clients, increase revenue and retain top talent.


2. Strategic growth planning, owner value creation and Legacy/Exit preparations.


3. World class Business Development tools & processes to grow exponential revenue

  1. Define base case and confirm buy-in
  2. Innovate with ODI – map your niche(s)
  3. Re-Define market needs, develop new IP and sales material
  4. Re-establish services, develop case studies
  5. Pitch perfection / Relational Dynamics training
  6. Team evolution, KPI’s, training, structure
  7. Excel, grow, transform and disrupt

Consultancy Growth Network

Complimentary Webinar:

Stories and Opportunities from the Covid Storm.

January 21st 8am (PST)

Complimentary Webinar:

Enhance your Value Proposition

January 28th, 8am (PST)

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