Weir-TS Financial Excellence

Financial and Strategic Excellence

Weir-TS financial services to help executives achieve the next level

Are you a CEO, COO or CFO seeking to enhance business performance?

  • Looking to scale up and move to the next level?
  • Looking to accelerate performance ahead of a planned exit?
  • Do you need additional expertise to help diagnose and solve your issues?
  • Do you need extra resources to deploy as a catalyst to transformational change?

The Problems Solved team helps you find, diagnose and solve your issue at its root, using a proven EVA (Economic Value Added) methodology. Whether it's growth, margins, cash flow, balance sheet efficiency/asset utilisation, or strategic alignment, we will help you find and solve these issues ...

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Problems Solved. It's what we do!

  • Unwavering focus on understanding your needs and helping to solve your business problems quickly and effectively
  • Adding new value for you is at the centre of all we do


  • We are a results oriented performance improvement team
  • We help businesses derive and implement pragmatic, sustainable new value enhancing solutions.
  • We solve both strategic and tactical problems and issues.
  • We are passionate about Value Creation
  • Understanding you and your needs

    Our core philosophy is real innovation happens when customers' needs are at the heart of an organisation's strategy and behaviour.

    Bringing a strategic mind-set to bear on your problems....

    We bring a strategic mind-set and deep customer empathy and foresight to bear on business issues. We establish sustainable organizational behaviours, in collaboration with you, to succeed.

    Focusing on support for you and your senior leaders ...

    Focusing on support for you and your senior leaders ...

    Taking a collaborative approach with your team.

    Our collaborative approach means that your entire organization gets a chance to learn from the insight, capabilities and skills that we transfer. This will bring innovation to life, thus increasing organizational engagement, traction and sustaining improvement actions.

    Building trust and long-term relationships ...

    We pride ourselves on building trust and long-term relationships with our clients, through great work and establishing lasting increases in value.

    Value for you, or we head home ...

    We will continue to identify opportunities to create new value for you, or head home