Innovation and Transformation Services

Use a proven methodology to maximize the accuracy, depth, speed, and value of your transformation.

Use Outcome Driven Innovation to transform your company.

Strategyn's Outcome Driven Innovation process is a proven way to maximize your success in innovation.

The Weir-TS Innovation Transformation Service follows this and delivers additional and long term value by implementing the results using 6 powerful steps: Identify, Define appetite for Disruption, Select arena, Innovate across 3 horizons, apply the Outcome Driven approach, Invest in implementation.

Weir-TS offers a risk-free initial assessment to demonstrate your potential for success.

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Disrupt and re-define services, products, operations and markets.

6 steps to maximize the value and impact of any innovation project.


1. Identify the maturity position on the Innovation Journey

A comprehensive understanding of the current ecosystem enables effective change to be achieved. From internal stakeholders through to long term market challenges, our “Identify” step creates a foundation for fundamental and effective change..


2. Define the appetite for Disruption

Buidling on the foundations laid in Step 1, analysis of options using this matrix establishes the most effective tactics for maximum success on the transformation journey.

Innovation Arena

3. Pick the most effective Innovation Arena

With foundations and tactics in place, a balance is then struck to ensure traction on the journey, and timing the move into disruption using experience, expertise and powerful analytical tools and techiques.


4. Use an Outcome Driven approach

Focusing on the “Job to be Done” is the key to Strategyn’s excellence and success at Innovation. Once the project team has identified what “Job” is being executed, outcomes are defined and rated by “customers” for satisfaction and importance. Expert analysis results an “Opportunity Matrix” and prioritization process…..

Time Horizons

5. Innovate across all 3 horizons

Once the “Innovation Journey” has been launched, progress is carefully monitored to ensure advance prepration is undertaken for seamless ongoing progress into each subsequent phase. Managing all time horizons and action plans is a fundamental key to maximization of success.


6. Invest in full scale implementation to maximize returns.

The final step to achieve maximum value is to create and implement a prioritized set of action steps.

Key stakeholders and all relevant factors are monitored and managed along the innovation pathway to ensure maximum depth, speed and value of transformation is achieved.

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