Our mission

Value creation and transformational growth.

An executive team to help your business achieve its goals.

Weir TSUS (Weir TS LLC) was established in 2013 to serve the US market. We work closely with the UK-based Weir-TSCS (founded in 1997) to provide global reach and expert teams who are well versed in international best practices.

Our clients range from Global multinationals to Biotech startups. We deliver financial breakthroughs, value chain optimization and the implementation of Innovative growth strategies and CSER excellence.

Our experience and lessons from the European market, where the focus on carbon budgeting and fossil fuel scarcity is more mature, allows US organizations that work with us to leap to the front of the race to finding low cost, minimum impact ways of delivering their products and services. $ benefits are always front and center. We know that every project we work on must be commercially viable as well as enhancing sustainability, reputation, brand image, and market share.

As well as applying global best practices and leading edge methodologies, we partner with data science teams, specialist software providers and the world’s leading innovation practitioners.

Our Mission and Values

  • 01
    Vision to plan
  • 02
  • 03
    Sustain the growth
Planning through to realization of Vision

Weir-TS offers a range of service from a-la-carte to full-service consulting. The Weir-TS planning phase consists of:

  • A 1-3 week RISK FREE initial investigation, followed by
  • Feedback and working session to explain initial findings and implementation plan
  • In-depth development of options and support program depending on your specific requirements to maximize speed, depth and value.
Follow a plan

Weir-TS helps clients implement ideas to successfully achieve their goals.

  • As advisors, or
  • As an integrated part of the team.

Either way, Weir-TS will be there with you to help you achieve your goals.

Grow and sustain

Weir-TS understands that growth in itself is hard and to keep growing is even harder and takes processes and continue vigilence. Weir-TS:

  • Will stay with you thru your growth,
  • Periodically assess your processes,
  • And re-engage as needed.