Supply Chain Sustainability

Developing world class “Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility” (CSER) throughout your organization and entire end to end supply chain.

What is Total Supply Chain Sustainability?

How does it impact your brand?

Total supply chain Sustainability is the art of delivering a product or service with lowest possible cost and minimum impact on the environment. The right product at the right time in the right place, with every aspect of TOTAL COST considered. This starts with $ costs and includes a great deal more ....

Weir-TS thinking creates unique value for our clients to pass on to their consumers through ensuring availability of lowest "real cost" products of choice AND long term health for people and planet.

Weir-TS offers a risk-free initial assessment to show you what your potential is.

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Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility - knowing that you are doing the right thing…...


1. Engage C-suite and broad stakeholder buy in to a strategic CSER initiative


Implement robust monitoring and measurement – taking bite size chunks of the end to end value chain


3. Establish an action plan to encompass the entire Value chain


4. Monitor and report on a regular basis – full suite of effective KPI’s and executive action


5. Develop and roll out tactical implementation plans.


6. Monitor, Measure & collaborate with partners, Govt, NGO’s and even competitors to improve in incremental ways every day.

6 fundamental areas to focus on.

Optimize Operations


Optimize your strategic supply chain design and operations.

Full integration between Corporate strategy and Supply Chain strategy is fundamental to maximum progress.

Minimize waste


Identify hidden waste throughout your supply chain and typically reduce costs by at least 5% and up to 50% can be achieved.

Supplier selection & monitoring


Full assessment of all human rights issues, conflicts, scarcity, and political sensitivities. Multi-tier mapping of end to end supply chain performance.

Energy & Carbon mapping


Full mapping and optimization across the end-to-end supply chain. CDP disclosure and comprehensive action plans for reduction, management and offsetting.

Re-use / Re-cycle


Assess cradle-to-grave re-use / recycling of resources and materials within internal operations and also deep into the supply chain tiers.

Cradle-to-cradle design


Optimum design enables a full cradle-to-cradle life cycle. Responsible sourcing coupled with full upcycling of all materials and components can result in true Sustainability and CSER excellence.

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