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This book inspires corporations and individuals to take responsibility, to transform their behavior and to create massive new value, whilst also reducing. Climate impacts, deforestation, habitat loss, slave / child labor and landfill / plastic trash in the oceans. 75% of all profits from Weir-TS projects go to support NGO’s and other organizations working towards making the world a safer, cleaner place for future generations.

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Our mission is to transform the effectiveness of businesses and disrupt markets to enable global change.

We help our clients to:

  1. Innovate and transform in order to disrupt and re-define services, products, operations and markets,
  2. Implement financial management processes and KPI’s to balance risk and maximize profitability,
  3. Establish leading edge operational effectiveness at all points across global value chains,
  4. Ensure Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility to protect shareholder value, and ensure Sustainability, thriving and success of the planet for the next 7 generations.

What challenge would you like us to resolve / support with / deliver a disruptive solution for.......

Innovation and Transformation

Disrupt and re-define services, products, operations, and markets.

Our clients benefit from leading edge Innovation processes and the facilitation of world class transformation and implementation programs.

Disrupting markets and re-inventing services, products and o0perations is essential in the fast moving global economy

Global Alchemy of Experts

Creating Alchemy for Proffesional Services firms across the world.

The Global Alchemy of Experts (GAofE) services are a Zero cost service, contributing to rebooting and building the global market for professional services firms.

The synergistic value that we create will help to transform organizations and industries ready for a new era of low impact, high value services.

Financial Excellence

Plan for Risk.

40% of businesses are too risk-averse and leave opportunities on the table. Another 40% do not understand their current risk profile. Are you in the 20% that are operating at a world-class level?

Weir-TS helps you find, diagnose, and solve your issues at its root. Whether it's growth, margins, cash flow, balance sheet effeciency / Asset utilization, or strategic alighment, we will help you find and solve these issues.

Value Chain Optimization

Optimize your supply chain.

Using out crystal globe methodology, our clients achieve 8% reduction in operating costs and 14% improvement in service levels.

Weir-TS has been a global leader in Supply Chain efficiency and Sustainability for over 25 years and delivers end-to-end supply chain optimization, visibility, and expert consulting services. Rapidly resolve issues, reduce cost, improve services and profitability...

Supply Chain Sustainability

Creating a cohessive CSER strategy.

Organization with a fully considered CSER plan (corporate social and environmental responsibility plan) deliver increased shareholder returns and have a higher rate of growth.

Consulting Growth Solutions.

Operating, Growing, and Selling world class consulting businesses.

With 25+ years experience of operating, growing and selling world class consulting businesses, the Weir-TS team offers valuable insights on:

  • Operations excellence for consulting firms to delight clients and retain top talent
  • World class Business Development tools and processes to grow exponential revenue
  • Strategic growth planning, owner value creation and Legacy/Exit preparations

Our executive team.

Our team consists of experienced industry experts.

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